Prototyping an App for PDA

There’s quite a lot of attention turning to PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance), and it could form the basis of Karen’s next Apps and support books, so the admin team have been working on early prototypes of possible content. It’s early days, but early alpha content can be found here if anyone wants to try it and comment back to the development team…

Development could go in several directions, but we are thinking:

  • As a free downloadable app for IoS (Apple) with targeted adverts embedded.
  • Developing for both IoS and Android at the same time stretches our resources quite thin so if it were a mobile app the Android would follow quite awhile after IoS.
  • As a website (just as it is now) with some adverts to help pay for the hosting and further development. The web pages are deliberately set up to re-size themselves to fit on mobile devices, so a true App might not be necessary at all?

What does the community think?

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