Karen has published two books:

Asperger Marriage & Relationships:

Insights From The Front Line

This book aims to help the spouses or partners who are married to or in a long term relationship with someone diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome or more likely, suspected Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). It is the partner publication to my App “Asperger Marriage Instant Help”.

This book is an honest account of what my life has been like with my AS husband and how his Asperger’s has affected our marriage. We have had many crisis moments over the years but most of these have been through joint ignorance of my husband’s condition. With realisation came a long ‘getting to know you’ process and learning more about the condition and his idiosyncrasies. Advice that worked for us is clearly signposted. There are about 500 articles on a vast range of subjects plus lots of links to the latest research. My husband also writes about the topics I have chosen from his autistic experience, providing insight into how our relationship works (or doesn’t) from his perspective.

Paperback (468 pages) ISBN-13: 978-0993561313

Kindle Amazon ASIN: B01DJHU9Y2

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Walking on Eggshells:

Confessions from an Asperger Marriage and How We Made It Work

This is an Asperger romance. A true account of how young and obsessional love turned into a nightmare marriage of confusion, anger and recrimination. The discovery of how one partner was on the autistic spectrum and their coming to terms with and coping with this enduring situation. Karen describes in her own words, with complete honesty how she survived twenty years of walking on eggshells and feeling so very alone, before turning their marriage around and rediscovering the love they first had for each other.

Paperback (266 pages) ISBN-13: 978-0993561344

Kindle Amazon ASIN: B072N1SNC4

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